My History

Since the early age of 8 years old, I’ve been drawing back on a bow from traditional to the latest compound designs. Now in my sixty’s, I still incorporate and enjoy archery in my life, and look forward each year for the fall hunt! My latest purchase was for a parallel style beam compound bow. This new compound bow fulfilled my desire for (string) speed and quiet for hunting. Fortunately for me, with my many years of experience observing and training, I have developed the needed skills to set my own archery equipment.

The wake up call for me to wanting to find alternative safer methods of attaching a sight came as a result from when I drew back the parallel beam compound bow. With the tubing attached to my peep, seeing that the tubing was stretched almost a full 18 inches, the realization that if the tubing slips or breaks, there was a good chance I could be serious hurt or worse, possibly blinded.

This started my research and investigating for an alternate means to attach a peep that won’t be locked in place with serving where string stretch or twist will affect visual to my forward pin and or target.

I spent quite a lot of time thinking about and developing concepts and drawings for a new type of peep. A peep that needs no serving, is able to be install without major tooling or bow down time and can be adjusted if/when needed in the field or even in a remote location!

After few years of trial and error and a lot of testing both in the shop and in the field, I developed and produced a unique, although a bit large peep. From the many trusted fellow bows-men I demoed the peep in front of or asked them to try it out, the feedback I received was very positive. As a result of this extensive field-testing, the common views and comments were, the peep is awesome but needed to be even smaller and lighter.

So back to the drawing board I went and worked on developing an even smaller, lighter and multi lateral (left/right hand) model. I called this new peep the Quick Sight™ Elite. Weighing less then one gram, once installed it locks in place with the patented raised nubs built into the securing frame until user requires/decides for an adjustment.

This revolutionary new peep was conceived, designed and engineered along with the manufacturing molds, injection processing and packaging here in the USA. Our goal was and is, to keep all manufacturing start to finish, right here in the USA!

We continuously review the needs for better equipment and ease of use for the everyday and/or novice archer. Our goal is to help fine-tune their equipment to their personal style and use. Standing behind and insuring all aspects of growth and accomplishments are to the highest standards and remain an integral part of our Archery Heritage.

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