I need to use a verifier to see my pins and target clearly. Am I able to screw one in to any of your sights? Our Peep is not set up to accommodate the Verifier program/product.

Short Bows and QSE

When you say people were having difficulties with short ATA bows what length do consider short? Thanks Axel to Axel shorter than 29 inches, makes it difficult to view the pin set up. Here we suggest moving over to the QS Circle product, this unit acts more in line with a conventional peep with the […]

TruGlo use

Wondering if this peep sight has been used in conjunction with TruGlo Range Rover Pro Bow Site ? Thanks. I usually wear my right Contact Lens for Distance Only when Hunting or Target Practice.   I do not have direct knowledge of use with the sight you have referenced. Although there has been feed back […]

Peep Size

Yes I’m very interested in your product as I’m looking into options for a bigger peep or more light transfer peep. I was wondering size is the your peep or at least the width of the peep? Thank you. Hi, The overall size is 3/4 by 1/2 inch, the sight port is 5/16 X 3/16 […]

Hinge Question

The only question I have is, What does the hinge do? Installation looks similar to attaching one of those peep aligners, loosen and move until your peep is aligned with the pull of your nocking loop. What is the hinge for?? Bob Jarosz Brookfield, IL Bob, The hinge is to aid in applying the Peep […]