Caribou Hunt 2020

Thanks Alan. Sleds worked great! Had a great hunt thanks to your sled! The Game Sleds really made a difference for us! They are extremely well constructed, and much lighter in weight, and more packable than anything else on the market!

Thanks also for your attentiveness to customer service!

Game Sled in Arctic Tundra

Just purchased, installed and shot my bow with the QSE Adjustable peep and can hardly wait for next deer season. I used to shoot with a peep years ago, then took it off and thought I would give your peep a try again and kudos to your product.

So far, it’s a great peep. The installation was straightforward, simple and a pleasure to do at home. Nearing a few hundred shots and I haven’t had to adjust it. I did follow the instructions to the letter. My string is wider than the peep’s slot, so when tightening it there is a slight gap on the sides. I can tighten it flush, but as the instructions indicate over tightening you risk cracking and the gap doesn’t affect anything whatsoever, and it doesn’t.

I shoot a single pin, and my brother, a multi-pin. Moving the windage left slightly to compensate for it not being an in-line peep and it was just as accurate including sight picture to target acquisition on both bows. The nuts and bolts that hold it together are small, so be careful, they do include an extra set in case you drop one, which I thought was a nice touch. Overall a great peep and I would recommend it.

What are your thoughts on say a small, medium and large to avoid people over tightening the QSE? My string measures .098 thousand, I didn’t measure the ID of the sight and don’t want to take it off my bow to do so!

Thank you again for the great product and you’re outside the box thinking. I do love my QSE over any in-line peep!


I’ve been meaning to write  you since I received the complimentary, newly designed QSE-2 sight that you sent me last summer. In short…this thing is awesome! The easy install, coupled with the easy adjustability (if needed) is second to none. I put it on last summer and shot it for months getting ready for Montana’s archery season. Then I hunted hard for most of our 6-week season in all types of weather and terrain without ever having any issues with the sight….

No need to ever adjust or replace.

Eventually, I was blessed with a nice young bull. Based on this field trial, the exceptional commitment to providing quality gear and the second-to-non customer service, rest assured that there will always be a QSE peep on my bows!

Thank you for a great product.

I’ve been Archery Hunting for 15 years and had a small peep sight which came with the Bow. I really experienced little to no issues acquiring the sight pins or target, until having to wear glasses. With the standard peep sight that I had been using, and with having to wear glasses full time it became difficult to focus on the sight pins and my target. I was introduced to the QSE “Adjustable Peep” Archery Sight, and what a large difference it made, to acquiring my pins and target, while having to wear glasses. The QSE gives a good view of the sight pin and target down range, without having to move my head around to focus. This new peep sight has made it more enjoyable to Hunt and Target Shoot.

This is a great product for archers.

I have been hunting with archery equipment now for over three decades. In that time I have seen many products come and go providing promises of improving my ability to decrease the size of my arrow groupings. Certain products also claimed to make quick target acquisition easy and painless. The QSE Adjustable Peep is one of these products. But what I have found with using QSE is that unlike so many of the other products, with QSE I did have tighter arrow groupings not to mention a quicker and easier ability to find my point of aim. In short, Quick Sight Elite delivers on its promises. I now have one for every bow I own.

This is the best invention in many years for archery. I have been into archery for over 50 years, and can’t believe it took so long for someone to come up with this invention. It is so simple yet it is so huge. You can get on the target faster, and you will shoot amply better after using the QSE Adjustable Peep. It will improve your form for shooting without trying. It is so easy to put on and adjust. Anyone can put this one!

Compliments to Alan Small, inventor and designer of the Game Sled. I just received one of his newest inventions, the QSE Adjustable Peep. This has to be the best go to invention in bow hunting I have ever used. At 30 yards my patterns dialed down from a plate size to about the size of a silver dollar. The biggest benefit of the new sight is the stability of the bow. Using the new sight, along with my new Martin Alien, I consistently hit patterns of 2 to 4 inches at 35 yards. To anyone who hates the prefixed peep sights, I highly recommend Alan’s new sight, the QSE Adjustable Peep. With my most grateful thanks for fixing my sighting issues.

I along with a friend have shot this new style peep for a while. The first thing you will notice is that you can get on the target faster and see the target better. Where it really shines is the woods where the light is low. Easy to put on and adjust. This is the greatest peep that I have ever used and solves all the problems with serving in a regular peep. No string damage and you will be shooting in minutes. When string stretches most people have a real problem adjusting ordinary peeps; this solves the problem and even a beginner can tune it to his liking.